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Asset Allocation

Our client porfolios are invested in a combination of the following based upon their individual needs for growth, income, and risk management.


Fixed Income


Alternative Assets

  • T-Bills
  • Money market Funds
  • Auction rate notes
  • 12 month municipals
  • 12 Month Corporate

Individual Portfolios

  • Real return focus (typically held to maturity)
  • Laddered portfolio
  • Corporate bonds, Municipals, Treasuries, etc.

Bond Funds

  • Added return through active management
  • Additional diversification
  • Value based managers with few restrictions
  • Exceptional long-term track records


Individual Equities

  • Capital preservation focus
  • Value oriented
  • Concentrated portfolio (15-35 stocks)
  • No style or size limitations
  • Solid track record

External Managers/funds

  • Value oriented
  • Managers heavily invested their own fund
  • Exceptional long-term track records
  • Capital preservation focus
  • Few geographic, style, or size limitations

Private Funds

  • Access to non-traditional asset classes
  • Increased diversification
  • Direct-investment Opportunities
  • Alternative credit & lending strategies

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